Hugo and Martha meet Brendan’s girlfriend

Brendan has invited his girlfriend Ruby over for dinner. Martha offers to look after baby Harry for the day to give Tony and Rachel some time off. Rachel and Tony miss Harry and go back to get him. Alf sees Palmer handing out flyers in the Surf Club about a rally down at the wharf. Hugo and Martha discover it’s about Hugo’s plan to sink the boat.

Hugo protests Palmer’s accusations, stressing out Brendan. Hugo tries to walk away but Palmer keeps attacking him. Brendan leaps to Hugo’s defence. Hugo is surprised when Ruby appears and she has Downs syndrome. She asks if Hugo is worried about her relationship with Brendan.

Miles gives Romeo a lift to work and is surprised to see that Liam owns the store. Miles asks Liam about his drug taking and hooking up with Nicole. Liam says he wants a fresh start. Liam admits to Romeo that he is a recovering drug addict. Liam visits the Summer Bay house to formally offer Romeo the job. He asks if Nicole is in. Is Liam up to his old tricks?

Romeo agrees to help Jai win back Annie. He encourages Jai’s self-confidence by sleazing on girls and Jai chasing him away. Jai gets a phone number.