As Martha grieves for Jack, Roman has made a deliberate attempt to keep his distance and she has noticed it. But when Hugo shares a story about Jack with Martha, she feels refreshed that she can remember Jack without crying. Feeling the need for company, she asks Hugo if he and Xavier will move in with her. Roman thinks it’s a bad idea and warns Hugo that if Xavier doesn’t behave, they’ll have him to deal with.

Charlie hears that Ruby and Xavier were drinking, and doesn’t want her sister spending time with him but Ruby admits it was her idea. Charlie tells her about catching Xavier with pot, but when Ruby confronts Xavier, he says he’s given it up. Ruby tells him they make a hot couple, and Xavier agrees. He rings his girlfriend and finishes with her.

Miles discovers that Melody has run away. He calls the police and they head to the bus station. But Melody sees them and hitches a ride in a semi-trailer. Later, the truck driver hears a bulletin on his radio about Melody being missing, and tells the police he dropped Melody in Melbourne. When Charlie hears this she heads to Melbourne with Miles. And Melody needs them – she’s scared, vulnerable and alone.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday February 23*

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