Martha waits excitedly for Hugo, expecting a marriage proposal. But he’s in a bad mood and doesn’t want to talk. The same goes the following day. Whenever Martha tries to steer the conversation towards marriage, Hugo avoids it. Eventually Hugo has a heart to heart with Martha… he breaks up with her.

Tony goes to the gym the night after the formal and it’s been trashed. It was probably students, but they don’t know who. Tony reveals that he isn’t insured and decides to sell up.

Angelo is investigating what happened to Lou and issues flyers appealing for information. One of them is seen by a mystery man, Orson.

Donna complains to Irene that her gardener, Orson, did nothing while she was in jail. Irene arranges for Geoff to clean up Donna’s place. He’s wary, but agrees.

Geoff and Ruby are frustrated that they haven’t been able to sleep together. Ruby visits Geoff at Donna’s house and are getting it on, when Geoff thinks he hears noises outside. Later on, Geoff sees someone lurking and chases them away. Geoff tells Donna, who figures out that the intruder was Orson. Irene encourages her to go to the police but Donna says she wants to find out what’s going on first.

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