Martha asks Hugo if he’s going to Indonesia with Suzy. He assures her he only agreed to it to get Suzy off his back. But the fact that the police are watching the house is unsettling for Martha. She asks why they’re there, but they won’t tell her anything. Hugo later tells her that he has sold his half of the business in Indonesia to Suzy. He wants to start a new life with Martha, with no ties to the old one.

Gina is concerned that Xavier’s unhappy with her relationship with John and arranges a dinner with the three of them. Xavier’s not keen on getting to know John and does everything he can to sabotage the evening. Xavier’s been juggling relationships with both Rosie and Ali, and when Ali turns up during the dinner, he invites her to stay. Rosie then turns up and the girls have a go at each other, each fighting for Xavier. He won’t choose between them.

John takes all this in his stride. Xavier snaps at the end of the night, telling Gina he just wants John to leave, but Gina throws it back at him and says John’s staying the night, leaving Xavier horrified.

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