Hugo fears Eaves is after him

Charlie interviews Eaves about his motive for shooting Killer, but he’s preoccupied with catching his long-lost rival, Hugo. Eaves heads for the farm but Angelo tells him to wait at the station until he’s seen the psychologist.

Martha begs Hugo not to go, but leaving is the only way he can save himself and her. Angelo calls Martha, who confirms that Eaves is bad news – he won’t hesitate in killing again. Angelo tells Charlie that Hugo is most likely at the farm with Martha.

Charlie goes to the farm but Martha refuses to reveal Hugo’s whereabouts. Charlie insists Hugo is safer with the police than without them and Hugo eventually faces Charlie, who cuffs him.

Leah is getting to know Elijah’s parents. They both have big personalities, especially his mum, Lijuan. She’s brought her own tea and the constant bickering between her and Song puts Leah on edge. But the parents warm to Leah and admit they’re thrilled their son has chosen her.

Alf and Marilyn are recovering from Colleen’s insensitive comments about Alf being too old to go out with Marilyn and Marilyn not being good enough for Alf. They’re both self-conscious but decide to actually go on a date.

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