Hugo feels awkward around Martha

Martha and Hugo still feel awkward with each other, and when Martha walks around Hugo scantily clad, it heightens the tension between them. Hugo briefly opens up about his fears and frustrations about Brendan, but later he and Martha argue. Hugo apologises and she accepts his apology, telling him he should open up more. This unnerves Hugo, as does Brendan commenting that he loves Martha, so he decides to make tracks.

Joey and Charlie try to tell Leah about it their relationship, but Charlie loses her nerve. Joey’s brother Brett drunkenly confronts the couple and they come clean, in front of Leah. Brett files a complaint against Charlie for making sexual advances towards Joey. Hogan says he must investigate the complaint and until then, Charlie can’t speak to Joey.

Hugo is on the beach thinking about Martha when he spots Charlie. They chat and Hugo wonders about Charlie being gay. She is quick to deny it and to prove it, she kisses him.

Xavier tells Ruby that someone has written ‘queer’ on Charlie’s car. Charlie, who is preparing for her talk on vandalism at the school, isn’t sure whether to press charges. Ruby’s worried as Charlie is the talk of the school.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday May 12*

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