Hugo is shaken by his discovery

Hugo is shaken over the discovery of the bodies in the sunken boat, and Martha is there to comfort him. Angelo thinks the dead people were being smuggled into the country, and that Hugo is involved in the operation somehow. Angelo catches Clint at the docks, and thinks he’s the key to breaking open the case. Later, Clint escapes from the Station, returning to the derelict house, where he’s attacked by a man, while his son watches from the shadows.

Kirsty discovers that she’s lost the baby and she’s devastated. Rachel’s comments confirm Leah’s suspicion that it was the food poisoning that caused Kirsty to lose the baby, and doesn’t know what to do. When Irene visits Kirsty, she opens up to her, breaking down, which Miles witnesses. It hurts that she won’t open up to him.

Later, Miles visits her, and Kirsty tells him she feels like losing the baby was punishment for not wanting it in the first place.

Jai is still mad at Romeo over Annie. Annie, however, is annoyed at Romeo for not showing up at their date, and doesn’t want to see him anymore. When Miles snaps at Jai later, torn up about Kirsty, Jai thinks he should stay to be with the family, so he offers his place on the trip to Annie. She’s thrown by the offer, and isn’t sure what to do about it.

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