Hugo tells Xavier he was living in a small town when an acquaintance turned up. He’s been watching them all from a distance for weeks. But he has to leave the next day, for their sakes. Xavier tells him to visit Martha, but Hugo won’t. He asks Xavier to get him some supplies. Xavier returns later to meet Hugo, but he doesn’t show. Xavier panics.

Angelo has 24 hours to find Hugo, otherwise he’ll become a man on the run. The press will then get hold of the story. Angelo’s also worried about Martha, and Hugo’s family. He doesn’t know that the Austins all know the truth. Charlie questions Martha, but she doesn’t know if Hugo is alive or dead.

Gina tells Tony she should feel overjoyed that Hugo may be alive, but she doesn’t. It was so tough mourning him, she may not be able to turn that around. Tony assures her that if she saw Hugo, those fears would disappear. Gina sees Angelo and snaps. She hits him – he put her and her family through so much. Angelo feels he deserves it, even if he was trying to protect them. Later, at school, Gina has a surprise visitor – Hugo.

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