Hugo meets the kidnapper

Killer has abducted Martha, Xavier and Gina, and wants to trade them for Hugo. Hugo is angry with himself for coming back. He brought all this trouble – he is the cause of the problems. He and Tony try and come up with a plan, but they cannot think of anything and arrive at the exchange. Will they go through with it?

Nicole wants Ruby to admit she has a crush on Liam and Ruby eventually admits she likes him. After having a chat with Alf, Liam goes to tell Ruby that they should call their music partnership off. Seeing her sincerity, Liam convinces Ruby that as long as they keep things professional their music partnership can continue. Ruby is delighted but Liam can’t help regret the words a little as soon as they come out of his mouth. Has he just made a big mistake?

After coming clean to each other about their feelings, Charlie and Angelo are flirting and agree to go out to dinner together. But they do not get a chance to as they are called by Rachel, who gives them a version of what has happened. Tony has gone out to meet the kidnapper!

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