Hugo shocks Gina with his return

Hugo, claiming to be concerned about his family, returns to the Bay and tries to apologise to Gina about everything he’s done, but she doesn’t want to listen. Back at the house, Hugo confronts Gina, hurt that she’s so angry with him, but she tells him he’s not the son she raised – not after everything he’s done.

Xavier becomes worried when Hugo doesn’t arrive to pick up his supplies. He wants to go out looking for him, but Ruby doesn’t think it’s a good idea. A lonely Martha distracts them with an invitation to dinner, and Ruby ends up bringing Xavier along. He’s desperate to search for his brother and Martha is suspicious by his behaviour, but Xavier and Ruby just about manage to cover. When they arrive home, they’re shocked to see Hugo there with Gina.

Angelo thinks Hugo is still in the Bay, and that Gina knows something. Charlie wants to question her, and he agrees, but they end up running into Gina. She isn’t in the mood for a grilling, and so pleads with Angelo to give her a night of peace. He tells her they will question her in the morning, but, feeling suspicious, he decides to go back and see her that night.

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