Hugo insists he broke up with Martha for her own good, but no one believes that. Hugo ends up in bed with Martha, but she realises it won’t make any difference. Hugo later meets his family and tells them he’s leaving town. Xavier is angry, but the others are confused. Driving away, Hugo is confronted by an unwelcome visitor.

Miles is in meltdown after kissing Leah. Colleen saw it and is telling the ‘happy news’ to everyone. At the Christmas party, Miles drinks heavily. Leah tries to soothe his pain but it makes Miles worse, especially as he can see how well Hazem and Leah are getting on.

Ruby notices that John has a problem with Hazem being there. She thinks he’s racist but John assures her it’s a business issue. John confronts Hazem about an invoice.

Charlie is surprised when Bill Stevens wants her to re-interview Derrick Quaid. She decides it can wait until the morning. At the party, she takes a call informing her that Derrick has escaped. Charlie goes to search for him.

Xavier has been hearing barking dogs that no one else can hear. He also starts having flashbacks to the day he nearly drowned. He can’t remember everything, but what he can recall disturbs him greatly.