Gina tells Hugo that Martha’s the best thing to ever happen to him and he’d be a fool to let her go. Hugo visits Martha, who’s just got Bambang back. Hugo says he wants the three of them to make a go of it. But when they all go fishing later, Hugo is disturbed to see the man who broke into his boat-shed.

Suzy turns up at Hugo’s with a suitcase. She offers to leave the Bay, but only if Hugo takes the airline ticket that she offers him. It’s a one way ticket to Indonesia in two weeks time. Suzy makes it clear that if he says he’ll do it and then doesn’t catch the plane, there’ll be trouble.

Romeo is cold towards Xavier. Romeo explains he let him down at Liam’s party. Xavier’s shocked to learn that Romeo ended up in hospital after his drink was spiked and feels guilty. Later, when Romeo sees Gina and John Palmer together, he tells Xavier. Xavier can’t believe his mum would go out with Palmer but she says she’s seen a different side to him. Xavier thanks Romeo for telling him and Romeo shames Xavier by saying that’s what mates do. Xavier apologises for letting Romeo down. They’re mates again.

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