Hugo’s life hangs by a thread

Hugo is unconscious in hospital, fighting for his life. A piece of shrapnel is embedded in his head, pressing on his brain. He undergoes a dangerous operation to remove it and when he regains consciousness, everyone is relieved to see he hasn’t suffered brain damage. Hugo tells Martha that he loves her, and she reciprocates. Colleen finally gives them her blessing.

Trey is at large, and Charlie calls in reinforcements from the city to find him. After 24 fruitless hours, Charlie’s feeling the pressure. Charlie and Angelo interview Trey’s parents and friends for clues. Charlie suspects someone’s been helping Trey. Perhaps his mother?

Miles and Kirsty haven’t had time to talk, since he discovered she was continuing with birth control. Kirsty feels that this is one drama too many for the relationship to survive. She confides in Irene, who points out that Miles has been great to her since they got back to the Bay, and he’s clearly relieved not to have lost her in the bus tragedy. She doesn’t feel a break up is on the cards. Irene is adamant that Kirsty talk to Miles without delay. If she lets the baby issue fester then the relationship may well disintegrate…

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