Hunter runs after Wally after he heard Hunter telling Olivia that he wished he’d never found his dad. As the pair sits down for a heart to heart, Wally admits he gave up on the idea of fatherhood an long time ago and reckons they should sleep on things and decide where their relationship will go. Will Hunter and Wally be able to form a bond?

Meanwhile, Raffy tells a distracted Mason about her high marks in school tests. When she gets home, John suggests she sits another test and keeps saying how smart she is, which makes Raffy feel pressured. Things get even worse for Raffy when she overhears John and Roo discussing the idea to move her up a grade. The conversation makes Raffy feel anxious and she comes up with a plan to stay in her class.

Also, Olivia also visits Mason at the hospital and he tells her all about Beth. Olivia takes Mason out in his wheelchair, so they can look for Beth and, just as the pair leaves the room, they run straight into her. Beth takes over from Olivia and she and Mason have another fun day together.

As the day goes on, Mason notices how tired Beth is; she shrugs it off and leaves when a doctor comes in and explains that she’s needed downstairs. We then see Beth in a treatment room receiving oxygen and having a blood test…