Hunter collapses!

Hunter surprises Olivia with a high tea picnic. Olivia is overjoyed, but Hunter is unable to relax due to sharp pains in his chest. When Olivia turns away, Hunter collapses…

Meanwhile, noticing that Zac is still acting out of character, Leah convinces Nate to take him out for a beer. However, she’s left disappointed when Nate tells her that Zac refused to discuss life in prison.

Leah tells Kat that Zac is struggling to adjust to life after prison and Kat says she isn’t surprised, but won’t tell Leah what she means exactly. When Leah gets home, she confronts Zac, who admits that he was brutally attacked in prison for grassing on the other inmates.

When Ricky arrives at the station, she fails to convince Kyle to tell the truth about Isla and realises how deeply he has fallen for her. Annoyed, Ricky decides to get on with her life and convinces Nate to move the wedding forward.