Hunter finds out the truth about his father

How will Hunter feel when he finally finds out the identity of his father?

Roo asks VJ how his studies are going now that he has returned to Summer Bay High. VJ says things are going well for him but explains that it’s Hunter who really needs help. Roo approaches Hunter and offers to tutor him but Hunter’s still distracted by the identity of his real father. And later he receives some life-changing news…

Meanwhile, John and Marilyn tell Raffy she can’t visit Mason as he has an infection and isn’t allowed visitors. Raffy is devastated by the news, will this hinder the progress Raffy has made with John and Marilyn? When Coco hears about Mason, she decides to try and make amends with Raffy, but will Raffy accept her apology? Also, will anyone notice that Coco isn’t adjusting to life in Summer Bay?

After seeing Tori leave Ash’s apartment in the early hours of the morning, Kat flies up the stairs and slaps Ash across the face. She lays into him and accuses him of cheating on her. Ash pleads his innocence, but Kat doesn’t believe him. Are things over for the couple?

Also, Ben and Maggie argue about the renovation plans for the Pier. Maggie tries to convince Ben that by making such drastic changes, it will damage their relationship with the locals, especially Leah, Irene and Roo. Ben is annoyed and, when he sees Leah at The Diner, he’s extremely hostile. Will Ben and Leah come to blows? And will Maggie’s desire to put Leah first cause cracks in her marriage?