Hunter hits Leah where it hurts

Leah makes it clear to Hunter that she wants peace between everyone. But he thinks it’s all an act and tells her that Charlotte still loves Zac! Zac and VJ are playing basketball, when Hunter walks past. VJ encourages Zac to invite him to play and all seems to be going well, until Hunter purposely throws the ball with force, leaving VJ injured.

Leah notices VJ’s sprained finger and marches to Hunter’s flat, telling him he can’t keep treating them like dirt, or Zac won’t want anything to do with him. However, Hunter turns the tables and tells her that Zac won’t want anything to do with her when his parents get back together!

John tells Irene and Marilyn that a potential investor, Ivana Frost, is coming to the sponsors’ drinks. Which excites everyone, but Chris – she’s his ex! Desperate to impress Ivana, Chris gives Hannah baby pictures and fact files, telling her they have to study for their fake relationship.