Hunter proposes to Olivia!

Will Hunter get the answer he wants?

With the big re-launch of Salt, Hunter decides there’s no better time to propose to Olivia. When Irene and Ziggy hear about his plans, they both urge Olivia to come clean, but she refuses. Olivia heads to the beach and, in the most romantic setting in front of friends and family, Hunter gets down on one knee and proposes – but will Olivia say yes?

As Brody tells Ziggy about his plans to re-launch Salt, it’s clear that Ziggy wants to be with Brody and not Jarrod. Ziggy tells Maggie that she’s in love with Brody and decides to end things with Jarrod once and for all. Later, with the re-launch going perfectly, will Brody and Ziggy finally become a couple?

Kat is still upset over Robbo’s departure and his identity, and Tori feels torn over whether she should give Kat the address that Robbo gave her. Needing some time alone, Kat goes for a walk and sees Robbo. Robbo is desperate to prove that he loves her and Kat tells him that she wishes things were different. As the pair start to think about the life they would have had, Robbo tells her about the address he gave Tori.

Meanwhile, everyone starts to worry about Kat and her whereabouts and Ash leads the search. As Kat and Robbo continue to talk, the police arrive and Robbo realises that his time as free man is up and Kat watches the love of her life be put in handcuffs.

Later, Kat shows up for work much to the surprise of her colleagues. As she’s pregnant and has suffered a huge shock, Kat is asked to stay at the station on desk duty. Kat takes advantage of the opportunity and decides to help Robbo escape from prison. Will they manage to leave town?