Hunter puts Marilyn’s life in danger

John desperately tries to comfort Marilyn after their visit from the social worker, but she’s convinced their chances of fostering are over. John manages to arrange a special meeting with the social worker, but Marilyn can’t face it. Meanwhile, after a run-in with Zac and Leah, Hunter breaks into The Diner and steals a small safe, but accidently floods the Diner floor. The next morning, Marilyn opens up and is electrocuted when her mop accidently makes contact with a cable.

As Kyle celebrates being a dad, Phoebe is distraught over her break-up with Ash and seeks comfort with Kyle and Ricky. Later, Ricky tells Ash his behaviour is disgusting and that he needs to ‘man up’!

Later, Phoebe tells Kyle she should head home, as she can’t keep running to him with every single problem. While Kyle understands, he tells her that as the mother of his child, she always has a home with the Braxtons.