Hunter is getting ready to start university and Leah is more excited than he is! While Hunter might not be the most elated about returning to education, he decides it is the fresh start he needs, so when he sees Olivia he doesn’t tell her that he’s enrolling in higher education.

Like Hunter, Olivia wants a fresh start, but she is not prepared to give up on her relationship, so she is devastated to find out that Hunter is starting university and he choose not to tell her. Are things really over for the former couple?

Ben has the flu, even though he keeps denying it! Under normal circumstances he wouldn’t say anything but, with Maggie undergoing chemotherapy, he has to get some medication fast. To make matters worse, it’s Maggie’s birthday tomorrow. Will Ben be able to celebrate with his wife?

Also, John and Marilyn discover that the jewellery shop where Martha’s ring is from is still up and running. John and Marilyn encourage her to visit, but Roo is worried about Alf’s feelings. What will Roo do?