Hunter is struggling with his feelings

A message from Zac has the potential to send Hunter on a downward spiral

Hunter receives a message from Zac, but he feels awkward as he no longer know what to call Zac. Olivia sees how Hunter is struggling and organises a master-plan to talk about his feelings…

After the robbery at Scarlett’s house, everyone takes off looking for Brody. The Morgans struggle to admit their brother could be responsible. However, Scarlett refuses to let things drop and demands that the police know about the robbery and the possibility that Brody is the culprit. Scarlett makes her statement to the police and tells Kat that a bracelet, paperwork and $10,000 are missing. Kat is stunned and wants to know why Scarlett is keeping such a large amount of money in her safe. What is Scarlett hiding?

The Morgans discuss where Brody could be when he strolls through the front door. Brody says he wants to get clean and needs the help of his family, but first he needs to go to the police station. Brody is interviewed by Kat and is left rattled when she says his fingerprints are all over Scarlett’s safe. Brody keeps calm and asks if they can take a break in the interview so he can get some food. She agrees as long as Justin keeps an eye on him. Will Brody return?