Hunter takes a DNA test

Has Hunter made a mistake?

Hunter is determined to go through with his DNA test, despite Olivia’s protests. She tells Hunter he is making a big mistake but Hunter refuses to listen. He still feels hurt that Zac has decided to leave Summer Bay without him. Leah overhears Hunter’s conversation with Olivia and confronts Zac about his plan to leave town without his son. Zac says it’s not true and he wants to take Hunter with him. Zac races off to tell Hunter the truth and Hunter is left gobsmacked that Zac wanted them to leave The Bay together. Afterwards, Hunter runs off to tell VJ not to post the DNA test, but it’s too late…

Meanwhile, Leah is left livid when she finds out that Marilyn has tricked her into having lunch with her, Roo and Irene. Irene tries to explain why she applied for custody, but Leah isn’t interested and tells her friends some home truths. Will Leah regret her words?

Hunter decides to come clean and tell Zac about the DNA test. Zac is hurt and Hunter is left embarrassed when he realises the dates of his birth match the time of Zac and Charlotte’s relationship. Later, both Zac and Leah bump into each other and discuss their problems. Will the pair offer each other more than just a shoulder to cry on?