Hunter threatens Leah!

Zac invites Charlotte and Hunter for lunch, but Charlotte isn’t happy when Zac says he wants to be certain that Hunter is his son. When Charlotte and Hunter arrive home, Hunter finds the paternity test and flies off the handle. He tracks Leah down and accuses her of wanting to rip his family apart and viciously grabs her. Shaken, Leah manages to escape Hunter’s grip to tell Zac what’s happened.

Later, Leah takes Evelyn shopping, but Evelyn is puzzled when she finds the car door open. As the pair are driving, Leah realises the brakes aren’t working and the car starts fly out of control…

Meanwhile, Irene, Marilyn and Alf have stern words with John about his treatment of Chris. As they argue in The Diner, Hunter walks in and rudely demands to be served, which doesn’t sit well with Alf. Later, John tries to apologise to Chris, but he slams the door and demands to left alone!