Has Hunter uncovered Olivia’s tormentor?

Hunter King decides to look for Olivia's tormentor closer to home...

Hunter King and Olivia can’t wait till their date. Hunter has bought expensive movie tickets and Olivia is making sure she has the perfect outfit. However, Olivia cancels her date when an online user claiming to be her abuser, Kirk Sheppard, sends her a message. Olivia’s horrified and, when Kirk starts making demands, she becomes an emotional wreck.

Meanwhile, Hunter confides in both Irene and VJ about Olivia’s change of heart. Both Irene and VJ are left confused as they know Olivia had been excited for their night out.

Hunter knows something is wrong and, when he sees Tabitha acting suspicious with her laptop in The Diner, he confronts her. Is Tabitha really behind Olivia’s misery?