Hunter wants to find his biological father

Hunter's search, however, isn't going well...

Hunter’s search for his birth father is not going well. Olivia tries to tell him to be patient but Hunter doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say on the matter. Then, Hunter’s birth certificate arrives in the post but it’s useless in terms of helping to track down his birth father as Zac’s name is on it! Hunter is at a loss, until a person from his past tracks him down.

Roo tells Alf all about her road trip and explains that she had no luck in finding her daughter. Alf comforts Roo, but he can tell she has other things on her mind. When Roo gets to the Bait Shop she breaks down. What exactly is on her mind?

It’s the morning after Scarlett slapped Justin. So when Scarlett finds Justin fixing the engine on her boat she’s stunned. She offers to pay him off and get someone else to fix it, but he refuses. They both apologise for yesterday’s blow up and Scarlett tells Justin he knows nothing about her life and she just wants some privacy. In a bid to get on with her life, Scarlett decides to leave Summer Bay. Will anyone be able to stop her?