Hunter’s world comes crashing down in Home and Away

Hunter discovers Andy's been charged with the death of his mother

VJ and Hunter both tell Olivia her comments to Billie were out of line, which forces Olivia to admit she’s hostile towards Billie because she’s losing everyone she loves. Meanwhile, Hunter’s world is turned upside down when journalist rings the house to say Andy has been charged with the death of his mother…

Leah gets a call from her brother who has suffered a sports injury. Leah has to leave town and leaves an anxious Zac in charge of the children.

Billie feels guilty about her paternity lie and tries to break things off with VJ, but when he says he wants to be a good father, she decides to make their relationship work.

Alf and Matt confront Roo about her pill addiction, but she refuses to admit she has a problem. But later, Roo turns up at the house and admits she’s not coping, prompting Matt to move back into the flat.

John arrives home to find Skye in the kitchen. She makes it clear she’s only returned to pick up her belongings and say her goodbyes. Skye thanks him for everything, making the moment bittersweet.