Hurricane Angie is back!

Because of a stuff-up with Sonya’s credit card, Toadie’s income protection insurance premiums have not been paid so he starts working from his hospital bed. Later, Toadie’s mother, Angie, arrives to look after her boy and soon makes her presence felt.

Terese seeks solace in Paul’s company, having a break from Alcohol Free August and later decides to join Brad at the interschool concert’s dress rehearsal. But she arrives and knocks over a music stand, and when Brad smells wine on her breath they have a huge argument.

Meanwhile, Josh is stressing about keeping ‘Phoebe’ a secret from Amber when Imogen almost intercepts a text from her on his new phone, forcing Aaron to cover for him.

Imogen and Daniel have their first disagreement since they got together over whether Imogen should interfere in her parents’ troubles. Later, they get decide to hold a fundraising concert to help the Rebecchis and enlist Josh, Nate and Aaron to help.