I can’t fight it any longer, Diane!

Diane and Billy argue about Diane’s efforts to split Billy up from Val and it puts them both in a bad mood and Diane ends up having an argument with Jack about Victoria’s behaviour. Diane heads back to the pub and has another showdown with Billy. But their harsh words turn to passion when Billy blurts out that he’s in love with her and begs her to finish with Jack. Billy passionately kisses Diane and she gives into his kisses, but they’re interrupted by Jack knocking at the pub door.

Laurel and Jasmine go for a paddle in a river, but they notice that the church door has been opened and they fear a break-in. The pair investigate but find no one and Laurel takes a rest while Jasmine heads off to get the keys to lock up. Emily returns with the keys and accidentally locks Laurel in and Laurel discovers Shadrach in the church, who has been at the communion wine again.

Laurel panics when she goes into labour and Shadrach is the hero of the hour when he rings the church bells to get attention. Ashley rushes Laurel to hospital and they’re delighted when she gives birth to a baby boy.