I can’t go on like this, Jacqui

Tony is finding it increasingly torturous to watch Aleksander and Jacqui pretend they’re a couple, and his frustrations mount as Aleksander ignores his orders to keep his hands off Jacqui. Tony confesses to Jacqui that he finds it unbearable to have people congratulate her and Aleksander as prospective parents while he has to pretend it has nothing to do with him. He then tells Jacqui he can’t go on living a lie.

Katy and Louise are optimistic about Warren’s prospects of freedom, but Katy is frustrated by Justin’s negative attitude. Katy approaches Mercedes for help, but Mercedes can’t risk jeopardising her imminent marriage. Anxious to pile the pressure on Mercedes, Katy persuades Justin to promote her cause. He confronts Mercedes, but she is shocked by his request.

Increasingly unbalanced and paranoid, Hannah tells Sarah to stay out of her business. Later, she is tempted to eat a sandwich, but breaks down in despair as she fails to resist temptation. At tea, she declines to eat, lying that Suzanne’s sandwiches made her sick. Suzanne forces Hannah to eat, but panics that she might be pushing her too far.

Also, Jessica has a bad day in the newly established Dial-Advise when she’s told she hasn’t got the necessary qualifications for the job.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday September 6*