I don’t want a baby, Rachel!

Rachel and Kim have their first appointment at the Fertility Clinic, but Kim finds it too impersonal to choose a random sample. Deciding he would like to have the baby with Rachel using donor sperm from someone they both know and trust, he asks Hugh if he’d be interested. Hugh refuses and is furious with Rachel for being asked, prompting her to apologise. Later, Rachel is thrown when she asks Kim if he honestly wants the baby or not, and he replies that he doesn’t.

Life is looking up for Alex now that he has his hands on the drugs that arrived in the country via Leah’s lost suitcase. However, he’s frustrated when the buyer he lined up pulls out of the deal. Luckily, one of his old acquaintances, Rob, turns up unexpectedly and buys some of the drugs but Brad spots them haggling in the caravan park.

Brad is even more suspicious when he finds a packet of diazepam in Alex’s bed linen, and ends up having to wrestle Rob to the ground when he catches him breaking in to Alex’s van. Alex is more worried than grateful for Brad’s intervention, but is relieved the drugs haven’t been stolen, and as a precaution, decides to hide them up Leah’s chimney.

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