“I don’t want you!”

Friday the 13th is unlucky for Alicia when Andy coldly tells her he doesn’t want her. He doesn’t add that it’s because he wants Debbie, but that’s the truth of the matter. Debbie says she doesn’t want Andy, but she wants to keep him on side in case she needs him again, so she offers to go to Viv and Terry’s memorial service with him. But she leaves with Cameron – who still doesn’t know she slept with Andy. Confused? Andy is! He thanks Debbie for her support and makes it clear he has finished with Alicia. But Debbie hasn’t finished with Cameron…

Rodney has a bad Friday the 13th, too. Everyone was surprised when Carl gave him a job, but Carl didn’t want Rodney for his driving skills. He wanted Rodney to take his speeding points on his licence and now Rodney has done that Carl sacks him!

It’s an unlucky Friday the 13th for Val as well. She’s got Sandy lodged in her B&B and she can’t get rid of the old soak. He’s not going to be good for business – or for Val’s blood pressure! But Ashley shows no sign of forgiving his father for his lack of faith in him and his marriage.