Rafe Spall and Rose Byrne have made it to the altar, but one look at the pair tells you they’re not suited to each other.

He’s a slobbish, emotionally arrested author; she’s a smart, uptight executive. And their wildly different temperaments aren’t the only strain on their marriage. They both have prospective alternative partners waiting in the wings.

For Spall, his charity worker old flame Anna Faris and for Byrne, rich smoothie Simon Baker. In the face of mutual temptation, can they make their marriage work?

As the duo work their way through this conundrum the gags flow and there are some stand-out rude and raunchy set pieces – including an embarrassing game of charades with the in-laws and an even more toe-curling mix-up involving candid honeymoon snaps and a digital photo frame.

Elsewhere, Minnie Driver and Jason Flemyng provide some sharp asides as Byrne’s sister and brother-in-law and Stephen Merchant has fun as Spall’s boorish best friend.