I Guess This Is Goodbye!

The series ends with the climax of two dramatic stories, as Lynette is held captive by Fairview strangler Eddie at his house, while evil Patrick Logan (John Barrowman) is keeping Danny and his mum Angie hostage at their home.

Angie finally completes the bomb that Logan wants to use, but is unsure of his target. Meanwhile, Gaby is acting upon Angie’s secret note smuggled out in a lasagna and she gets Nick from the hospital and drives him to the house where he promptly passes out. So it looks like Gaby must carry out the rescue mission on her own, but Logan and Angie are on their way to deliver the bomb already. Angie finally saves herself and her son. She doubled crosses Logan as she’s put the bomb in the detonator. She gets out of the car before he blows himself up in the middle of Wisteria Lane!

Over at Eddie’s house, Lynette’s situation goes from bad to worse. She’s being held hostage by the serial killer when she suddenly goes into labour, and she must persuade Eddie to deliver the baby. After saving her baby, Lynette persuades him that it will be best if he turns himself in to the police for the murders, and he agrees.

Bree gives in to Sam’s threats and signs over the catering company to him, much to son Andrew and husband Orson’s disgust. In fact, this spells the end of her marriage to Orson. And to ease their money worries Susan and Mike prepare to move out of Wisteria Lane – but it seems a familiar face is moving into their old house, Mary Alice’s husband Paul Young…

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