I know about you and Naomi, Dad

Furious at his dad for sleeping with Naomi, Lucas’s attitude in class takes a turn for the worse, and his anti-social behaviour prompts Naomi to kick him out of her lesson. Back at home, upset Lucas confronts his father about Naomi, and makes his disgust clear.

Tony is left crushed at his son’s distress and is terrified that one night of weakness might cost him his relationship with his son. Later that afternoon, Luc loses his temper at a family dinner and spills the beans to a shocked Matilda.

Still in Cassie’s bad books, Jules concocts a plan to win her over, convincing Drew to throw a party to celebrate his 18th birthday. Hoping to get back together with Belle, Drew agrees, and Jules is left hoping that the festive atmosphere will win Cassie back.

When Dan discovers slack Drew has been falling behind in his studies, he lays down the law and tells him he can’t have a party. Mortified Jules convinces Drew to secretly relocate the party to the beach and pull the wool over Dan’s eyes.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday August 17*

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