Cain Dingle knows how to get a woman’s attention. With Amy he bullies. With Priya it’s humiliation, sending intimate pictures of her to her brother. With Jai’s mum, Georgia, it’s outright threats that leave the usually bold woman cowering and force Jai to call the police. But there’s only one woman’s attention he really wants and that is Charity’s. He gets it, too, when Jai finishes with her to protect his family from Cain. Charity and Noah are forced to move in with Zak and Lisa and Cain pays a visit to tell her he loves her. Trouble is, like the rest of the village, Charity hates him!

Debbie can’t stand the sight of the man who has tormented so many people, including a teenage girl, a married woman and her own mother. But Cain’s not accepting responsibility for any of it. None of this is his fault and it won’t be him who pays – it will be everyone else!

With Cain in such a murderous mood, no wonder Amy is convinced it’s best for her baby to stay out of Emmerdale. But Val has other ideas. She tells Amy how she and Pollard were trying to adopt her, how they want her as their family – and now that includes her baby, too.