Stressed out by her shredded dress and power cut at the SU Bar ahead of the Halloween Ball, Hannah takes her frustrations out on Elliot, unaware he has sorted out the electrics for her. At the ball, Leila reads Elliot’s palm, convincing him he should tell Hannah how he feels. Meanwhile, Rhys and Gilly are on the prowl for girls but Rhys’ attempts to pull Sarah fail miserably. Hannah and Elliot finally dance and Hannah is stunned when Elliot declares his love for her.

Frankie is reeling from the news that Newt is moving back with Shelley and tries to convince him to stay. Meanwhile, Lauren is unhappy at Newt’s announcement, and the pair part on bad terms after she fails to persuade him to stay. But it doesn’t take long for Newt to realise Shelley hasn’t changed when she insults Lauren, calling her a freak. As Frankie tries to deal with her grief at Newt’s departure, she is overjoyed to see him in the doorway, having returned.

Having lost all confidence in herself following her ordeal at the hands of Niall, Carmel is full of fear about going out in the village. After feeling unable to confront a gang at the skate park, Carmel tells Lauren she is leaving her job as a PSCO.

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