There’s a rush to get Rhona and Paddy wed before they leave for New Zealand so Jude tells them they have to have their rehearsal right now. That means getting best man Marlon and bridesmaid Laurel together. Awkward! They all get through the church bit then Laurel gets Marlon alone. She tells him how much she’s going to miss him when he’s gone to New Zealand. Oh, and one other thing: she loves him. There! She’s said it at last!

Val has plenty to say to Pollard about Amy’s mother turning up in the village but neither of them knows if they should tell Amy. As it turns out, though, they don’t have to, because Kerry has texted Amy and told her that she came looking for her at the B&B and was seen off by a Rottweiler woman called Val. Good old Val. But Amy’s not laughing; she’s shocked by the news that Kerry has tracked her down to Emmerdale.

Debbie’s shocked to realise she has doubts about Cameron and turns to Auntie Chas for advice. Yeah, good choice. Chas knows all about Cameron…

*Second episode, 8pm*

So, Laurel has declared her love to Marlon. Now what does he have to say for himself? Well, he’s not jumping for joy. He’s angry! They’ve been here before and Laurel broke his heart by staying with Ashley. He can’t let her break his heart again. The thing is, he can’t stop loving her, either. Marlon tells Laurel this and they’re reunited. Yay! Except Marlon’s about to move to New Zealand so they’re looking at a very long distance romance…

Chas and Cameron were all set to move away until Cameron decided to stay with Debbie. But now Debbie’s suspicious of Cameron and is talking to Chas. She wants Chas to reassure her, but Chas doesn’t. Instead, she tells Debbie to trust her instincts. When Cameron hears that he rips into Chas, furious that she would encourage Debbie to doubt him. Alone, he makes a phone call and it’s clear he’s up to something.

Victoria wishes Alex would put more effort into their relationship and when it becomes clear to her that he’s not going to, she dumps him.