I married a murderer! (VIDEO)

*Hour-long episode*

Did Pete really just tell Debbie he killed his brother, her lover? Yes, he did. Literally unable to believe it, Debbie is utterly horrified. And as Pete offloads the gory details about their fight over Ross’s betrayal, Debbie’s reaction speaks volumes. Soon, Pete’s guilt turns to anger as he realises his wife still loves Ross despite everything. When he loses his temper, it’s too much for Debbie whose scary past at the hands of her killer ex, Cameron, comes flooding back to her.

She runs out of the house and is spotted by James. He then learns why his daughter-in-law is in a state when Pete makes his deadly confession to his dad, too. James is sickened to realise Pete isn’t lying. But when he forces his son to take him to the spot where he buried Ross, what will they find?

The mourners gather for Ruby’s funeral. When Sam’s phone goes off during the ceremony, Rachel unleashes another tirade at him, causing Ali to make a big decision on her troubled sister’s behalf.

Diane and a few friends gather to watch Val’s DVD.