Tom Hiddleston plays legendary American country singer Hank Williams in this biopic that chronicles the last decade of his life.

Hiddleston is a far from the obvious choice, yet he delivers a truly remarkable performance, pulling off Williams’ lean physique and Southern accent and producing very credible versions of his haunting songs.

He makes this otherwise routine biopic well worth watching, as it follows his marriage to first wife Audrey (Elizabeth Olsen) in 1944 to his death in 1953 at the age of 29.

Williams’ brief life was packed with boozing and womanising, as well as the creation of dozens of songs, including Cold, Cold Heart, Why Don’t You Love Me and Your Cheatin’ Heart, but writer-director Marc Abraham’s film keeps us in the dark as to the source of his musical genius and what really made Williams tick.

This film premieres on Sunday 26 Feb.