Despite his denial, Belle is convinced Aden broke Angelo’s windscreen. Not wanting to get him in any more trouble, she pays to have it fixed before Angelo finds out. But when Angelo sees it in the shop, he sets Jack on the case. However, the fingerprints on the brick aren’t Aden’s. In fact, they belong to someone working for the developers, warning Belle to stay away…

Aden accepts Morag’s help with his case, providing she doesn’t mention his abuse. But with things looking bad, Aden ends up revealing the truth which lets him off for attempted murder, although he is given one hundred hours of community service for kidnapping. Afterwards, Belle congratulates him on his courageous confession, and admits she still loves him.

When Charlie discovers that Morag is in court for Aden rather than taking care of Ross, she’s furious. Morag gets home to find Ross packed and about to leave for Charlie’s until Morag decides what she really wants. Morag is hurt, but is guilty to realise she also feels somewhat relieved.

Also, Tony and Rachel love having Joe around, with Rachel turning down shifts at the hospital to spend time with him, secretly hoping his real parents never come back.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday November 19*