After receiving a lawyers’ letter outlining Nancy’s custody claim over Charlie, Jake bumps into Nancy at the village, and sneers at her that no one is going to take her seriously. Jack and Frankie split them up and take Jake home. Meanwhile, having witnessed Jake’s nasty side, Justin tells Nancy that he can’t bear to see his son raised by a monster like Jake and agrees to stand by Nancy in her fight to gain custody of Charlie. Despite a close call with Sarah, Zoe and Mike blithely continue with their love affair. Zoe is shocked when Sarah arrives with a bunch of flowers delivered for her and is forced to awkwardly feign ignorance. But she feels worse when Sarah teases her about her radiance and hints it’s evidence of a mysterious suitor. Later, it’s Mike’s turn to squirm as Sarah tries to persuade him to make Zoe reveal all. Backed into a corner, a guilty Zoe blurts out that Kris is her new boyfriend. Also, Newt shows an uncharacteristically vulnerable side when he admits he’s nervous about a school poetry recital. But he’s disappointed when both Frankie and Jack fail to show up. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip