I want you to take care of Mickey, Ned!

Ned’s parenting skills flounder as Mickey fails to respond to his discipline. Janae comes to Ned’s aid, encouraging him to come clean to Mickey about being his father. When Kirsten returns, Ned prepares himself for the possibility of never seeing Mickey again – but Kirsten makes it clear she wants Ned to care for Mickey permanently.

Elle is thrilled to see that some of Gail and Paul’s old feelings for each other have returned and the three play happy families. But Gail soon realises that the relationship can’t continue and returns to Tasmania leaving heartbroken Paul devastated.

While Adam and Pepper’s romance begins to heat up, protective dad Steiger cautions Pepper to be wary, and warns Adam to go slow with his fragile daughter. Despite Adam being unfazed by Steiger’s interference, he manages to ignite Pepper’s suspicions, leading to a disastrous dinner date which ends with Pepper ordering him out to leave her house.

Janelle gets Toadie fired up to enter Charlie into the baby competition, but Harold finds it difficult to accept baby Kerry’s defeat. Believing he can create winners, Toadie offers to be Steph’s campaign manager for the up-coming council elections.