A vulnerable Martha confides in Jack that she is terrified about the paternity test results, and asks him if he will still want her if the baby is Roman’s. Disturbed, Jack tells her that he will always love her, no matter what. Later, Jack visits Roman to reveal that the results of the paternity test are in and Roman is the father of Martha’s baby. Roman is left completely stunned.

As Roman’s concern about Elliot grows, so does Nicole’s adoration of him. She agrees to go hiking with him where he keeps surveying the landscape, mentioning that he has found ‘the perfect spot’ in a dangerously yawning chasm. After returning home, Elliot suggests Roman join them on a hike sometime. What are Elliot’s intentions?

Charlie’s background checks on Elliot come to nothing, but she sees another side to him when Elliot later nastily confronts her about watching him. Still feeling rejected, Charlie asks Roman to join her for a drink, confiding she’s worried he’s no longer interested in her. Roman reassures her that’s not the case and the pair share a passionate clinch.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday September 24*

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