Although he’s hurt, Simon decides to give Will the chance to explain about his wife and child. At The Icon, Simon rants about being taken for a fool but Will says it was a first; he’d never been sure he was gay, and now he’s in love with Simon. When Will says he can’t tell his wife and son right now, Simon says he won’t be the other man, and doesn’t want to split up a family. As much as it hurts him, Simon tells Will it’s over.

With Jed still moping about, Zara insists he dress smartly and help her look at a couple of property investment opportunities she’s interested in. But when it becomes obvious that Jed’s lost confidence in himself and can’t help, Zara gets snappy with him and Jed’s hurt. Zara arranges lunch to apologise but the rows continue…

Karen tries to clear the air with Julia after Rob spoke to her about her pay but it’s clear that Julia doesn’t want to discuss things. Later, tempers flare when the pair practice their tap moves, and Jimmi is forced to intervene.

Also, Cherry unpicks the secrets and underhand tricks of a teenage romance.

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