Jai thinks he has his pregnant Rachel problem all sorted with his plan to tuck her away out of sight in a flat in Leeds – and it’s a posh flat so she’s bound to be happy. Wrong! Rachel tells Jai that nobody puts her baby – or her – in a corner, or in a flat miles from Emmerdale. She insists Jai has to tell Charity about their baby and he insists he can’t. He wants the baby and he wants to be a good father, but he wants Charity and Noah, too. Rachel, though, doesn’t want secrets. So Jai has to figure out a way to keep Rachel happy and keep Charity and Noah. Good luck with that!

Marlon has to figure out a way to keep Leo with him in Emmerdale. He comes out fighting with talk of hiring a solicitor – and Laurel’s in his corner. Marlon used to be in Paddy’s corner, but not any more. He tells Paddy he can’t be his best man, he has to do what’s right for him – and what’s right for him is very wrong for Paddy.

Kerry has never done right by her daughter, Amy, but still the girl agrees to give her mam another chance – and that’s going to trigger all of Val’s insecurities…