Former soldier-turned-trainee-paramedic Iain is having trouble adjusting to civilian life and he clashes with Jeff again this week!

While on a shout out Iain once again fails to prioritise which patient needs their immediate attention. Later, Jeff’s disapproval turns to fury when Iain physically pulls him off the same seriously ill patient during a traffic incident.

Dixie asks Jeff to cut Iain some slack, as he’s the more experience paramedic. And after a terrifying encounter at the ED, Jeff realises perhaps Iain will make a decent paramedic after all…

Meanwhile, nurse Jaime is driven to distraction by his bullish next-door neighbour. Jamie is convince the man next door is a wife beater and wants to confront him, but co-worker and housemate Robyn thinks they shouldn’t get involved.

Elsewhere, Dixie reveals she’s broken up with Carol, but won’t tell Jeff why. And Sam gives Tom the spare keys to her flat, so he can move in.