The first instalment of a two-part story sees paramedic Iain’s army days catch up with him when a call-out to a fire at a B&B forces him to confront his traumatic past.

Ex-soldier Iain is surprised to find old army buddy Kenny and wife Beth at the B&B. Beth’s suffering burns after some candles accidentally set her jacket on fire. But she’s clearly shaken by something else.

While Kenny is out of earshot, Beth begs Iain not to tell Kenny she came to see him recently, as he’s been paranoid and violent since he came back from Afghanistan, and would jump to the wrong conclusion.

At the hospital, however, Kenny notices Iain and Beth deep in conversation and gets suspicious. Kenny checks his wife’s phone, only to discover calls to Iain. Convinced they’re having an affair, Kenny snaps. He violently throws Beth to one side and goes on the hunt for Iain!

Ex-soldier and trained killer Kenny turns up at the ambulance station with Iain nowhere to be found. Big Mac, however, is there alone…

Elsewhere, Lily is locked into a battle of her own. The situation is frosty between junior doctor Lily and senior doctor Ash, as she’s giving him the cold-shoulder, following her complaint of bullying.

Diplomatic Clinical Lead Zoe is desperate for the pair to work out their differences and avoid a tribunal. Zoe almost talks Ash into apologising to Lily for falsely claiming a patient died. Lily, however, is determined to go all the way with her complaint!

Meanwhile, bickering brother’s Ethan and Cal continue to clash when Jenny, the nurse who cared for their mother, turns both their heads.

New nurse Lofty survives his first shift – and even begins to accept his new nickname!