Marina tells Heston she can’t believe he’s stuck by her. Heston reassures Marina he will help her beat her demons but it’s clear he’s convincing himself as much as her.

At work, Julia checks that Heston’s certain about making a formal complaint against Kevin, reminding him it could jeopardise Kevin’s career. Heston is angered by Julia’s suggestion of a written warning.

When Marina’s son Ian turns up at The Mill, Heston invites him to his favourite tea shop. Over tea, Ian says he knows Marina’s been hitting him. A shocked Heston denies it.

Worried the tea shop’s owner, Tabby, might overhear, Heston wants Ian to leave. When Ian says Marina hit his dad for years, Heston gets angry. As things gets heated, Ian leaves – and Tabby asks Heston to leave as well!

Over dinner, Heston bluntly asks Marina if she hit her husband Ken. When she admits she did, Heston’s angry that Marina let him think he was to blame. She hugs him and begs him to not to give up on her.

Freya’s excitement over her date with Mandy is dampened when Mandy invites her to her craft group, as Freya recalls with disgust a similar group she joined. As Freya frets they are incompatible, Elaine reminds Freya that relationships are all about compromise.

Also, Julia calls round to Zara, keen to get her opinion on the Kevin situation. But with Zara clearly more interested in baby Joe, Julia leaves.