Ian and Lucy are in mortal danger

Jane worries when she realises that Lucy is not at home and she tries to call her. Lucy lets her phone go to voicemail as she follows Steven to an eerie and deserted tower block. Steven leads Lucy up to the flat at the top of the block and undoes the bolts on the door. Lucy is terrified when a wild-eyed man jumps out of the shadows – it’s a thin and dishevelled Ian! Ian breaks down at the sight of Lucy and he hugs her and he is stunned when Steven reveals that he’s been in Walford.

Ian grabs a phone and tries to call the police, but is stopped in his tracks when Steven pulls out Craig’s gun and threatens him. Ian realises that Steven has lost the plot and he tries to reason with him but he fears for his and Lucy’s lives. Lucy is sent into the bedroom and she makes a call to Jane.

Jane works out where Lucy and Ian are being held hostage and she heads over to the flat and bursts in. Steven is taken by surprise and there’s a grapple for the gun. A shot rings out. Who has been hit?

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