Mel Owen returns to Walford for the first time in 16 years. Her first port of call is the café, where she comes face-to-face with her stunned ex-hubby Ian – and unimpressed ex-mother-in-law Kathy! Ian is delighted to see Mel and sits her down for a catch up. But it’s soon clear that Mel has an ulterior motive for being in the Square…

Mariam and Arshad are horrified that their foster child Daisy has gone missing while in Masood’s care. They make a call to the police to inform them of her disappearance. Word soon spreads around the Square and the kindly residents help them search. Everyone is relieved when Ian finds Daisy hiding in his back yard with Dave the cat!

Karen’s insistence that she’s got the launderette job seems to be false confidence. The Taylors find out that the job is still being advertised! Karen makes a call to Mr Papadopolous Jnr, only to find out that he is still holding interviews.